Solo Game w/The Wife - The d30 Curse

Oh d30, how you love to giveth and taketh away. Especially in my 1:1 game with @thePrincessWife.

Last game, she rolls the d30 for damage to kill the "skin wearer" (doppelganger) in one shot. She rolls... a 2.

Much cursing and growling. She did eventually kill him. He was fleeing out a window and she chopped at him, causing him to lose his grip. 3 story fall. Splat. The End.

Other quotes from the game:
Her: "It's a trap. It's always a trap!"

Her: "I'm taking my sword with me."
Me: "So you're going to walk around in public heavily armed. That might raise some eyebrows."
Her: "I'll hide it... under my pink, light, silky cloak!"
Me: "Of course you have one of those..."

We are still continuing to play the solo game I started with her back in 2009, although it comes in fits/starts. We just have tons on our plate. I'm hoping actually for more time to play this coming Friday. Fingers crossed...


  1. Low rolls on a d30 are one of the most frustrating things in all of gaming, IMO. The frustration of wasted potential. Irrational as it is, it drives me nuts.


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