A box from Germany with a mystery inside

So look at this... a box from Germany arrived today! What's inside? (Hint: It's not handtowels...)


Yep, another plastic, vacuum formed castle! I seem to enjoy collecting these, I now have 2.

However, the mystery is this... what castle is it and who made it?


The folks at GermanToys.de list it as an Elastolin castle with no known number, but I'm wondering if this is another ECO vacuum formed castle. I base that guess on my previous purchase from them of what turned out to be an ECO "Camelot". This looks very similar.

However, my 30 minutes of searching by images, then by names like Elastolin, ECO, etc, I came up empty on identifying this one. I'll keep an eye on Ebay, but so far, the only other one I've seen on the web was an auction awhile back and it had no numbers either.

It did come with some damage, but I'll use some appropriate glue on the cracks on the inside to reinforce the plastic. It doesn't matter, I got this sucker for less than $20US. It cost more to ship it.

So now my players will have TWO standard keeps/castles that were built by the Kings Engineers before the Doom.


  1. Hi Michael---

    I have a two-volume Elastolin collector's guide from The Collector's Bookstore @ http://www.collectorbookstore.com/product-p/dm-1990-0912823143-wh3.htm (volume 2 appears to be OOP atm), but unfortunately those books only detail the figures, rather than the terrain/castles Elastolin made.

    I'm not aware of a similar guide for Elastolin's castles; are you (or anyone else)?


  2. @Allan - I'm not. It would be great if one was available.

    1. It is definitely Elastolin. In fact, it is the very last vacuform castle they made and does not have a model number (one of only two that don’t). I have one they is mint condition along with 13 other Elastolin castles and 5 Eco castles. I also have several hundred 40 mm knights and all the siege equipment. I’ve been collecting it since 1972 My German cousins in Mannheim sent me a castle every Christmas.


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