Dark Ages campaign bits and bobs...

A lost piece of Dark Ages game history might be found! Back when Google Wave was a Thing, I ran about a 2 year PbP game there, set in the opposite corner of my world. The game is centered around the town of Skalfier, known for its rain, its crazy weather changes and probably some of the creepiest dolls that my players ever ran into. Problem was, the idiot GM (ME) forgot to archive the Waves. Or at least I did... and then lost the Archives!

However, one of my players casually mentioned that he might have saved off the archives as well. So we're crossing fingers and hoping. If he does, I'm going to put them up somewhere so you all can see them.

In the meantime, I've downloaded the Acts so far from this current iteration of the Dark Ages-online game, and I'm trying to figure out where to host them for free so you all can see them. Maybe as backdated posts so they don't clutter up blogrolls?

Demons. So I was all "squee" about getting Djinn miniature figures and went around the Intertubes looking up pictures of jinn to get ideas for painting them. Check these out...

Pretty bad-ass... but then look at what is coming out of their mouths... and there's my inspiration.

Demons in Dark Ages are beings connected to the elements of creation. Demons are chaotic in nature, very intelligent. The strongest are very powerful creatures. Elementals are a form of demon, but not as fully developed, lacking a strongly developed free will and self-determination as compared to Demons. It is said that the Demons and Dark Ones form alliances when it suited one party or the other, but they were also just as quick to go to war against each other.

Demons do not "speak" in the normal sense, but communicate by vapors and smoke. A demon will communicate with non-demons by blowing the vapors over the recipient so that they smell (and understand) them. Someone smelling the vapors has a general understanding of what the demon is saying. Those who are trained in the language of demons will have an exact understanding. If a non-demonic being wants to summon a demon, orcommunicate with demons must do so by obtaining expensive hookahs, fine spices and other materials (at least 100gp per HD of demon being communicated with) and using those during the summoning and/or communication to blow smoke/vapors back. Only those trained in the language of demons, or those using a summoning spell, may do this. The smoke/vapors may cross the boundary of a summoning/magickal circle without effect on the circle.

Chaos Warriors. I've started painting up the miniatures I received in December from the first Ral Partha Chaos Wars Kickstarter. That was a haul of over 160 miniatures. First up are the Chaos Acolytes Starter set, which I'm using as my "Black Brotherhood" Chaos Warriors figures. Here are some works in progress.

My players are probably not going to like seeing these dudes on the table.

Adding spells to the campaign. I've hit that point where I'm starting to grab additional spells from around the webs and in inspiration and add them to my campaign. The players may find these spells as scrolls, or be taught by magick-users or priests who already know the spell. I mean, how can a cleric cast Cure Disease without knowing how to detect if someone is diseased? Well, enter the first level cleric spell Detect Disease. And other grabbed from somewhere on the Intertubtes. Only a couple right now, but I'm starting to really crank up what I can see being lost and possibly found.