8 Day Left on Awesome Miniatures Kickstarter... get in before they're gone!

This being a vanity blog, it's all about me and my interests. So that's why I talk a lot about the Ral Partha miniatures and Kickstarters, because they are great figures, they're reprints of the old classics and Chaos Wars is a kick-ass wargames. I love 'em.

(Although truth be told, if someone picked up the Grenadier line, I would probably nerdgasm from announcement to delivery. And Heritage... pfff... multiple nerdgasms.)

Anyway, there are only 8 days left on the great Ral Partha/Iron Wind Chaos Wars kickstarter - the second wave. The thing is funded, but there are some really damn awesome stretch goals left to hit AND some great deals on large sets of minis.

And, friends... you want to help me get those two Djinn so I can torture entertain my PrincessWife with them... she is heading to a desert setting, just saying....  we only need $8,000 more to make that happen!

Yes, she might not like the Djinn... but I'll get forgiven at some point...