Now live! Ral Partha Chaos Wars Wave 2 Kickstarter

(This post will get updated as I go through the options, but wanted to get the word out there now.)

And in a completely unexpected FRISTPOST kinda thing... I'm ... uhhhh... the first backer.

Jesus Christ, I am SUCH a frakkin' nerd!

There is a whole lot to love in this Kickstarter. It continues the re-release of out-of-print Ral Partha miniatures, long a favorite of collectors and gamers alike. It has a lot of the old skellies, undead and Dwarves. It has new sculpts by Julie Guthrie and Tom Meier, to name a few.

And the way to participate is much, MUCH easier.

You buy one stinkin' mini. Her...

Then you go squee over all the other options, add them as add-ons, total up your price and hear your credit card scream in terror... I mean, you pledge that amount. Simple and easy!

Added 3:00pm: 
Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals even provides a downloadable Excel spreadsheet to manage the totaling up. Very nice!

Added 3:49pm: 
It's only been an hour and the Kickstarter is almost 50% funded! Fantastic! There are some really nice stretch awards I'd like to get (please, 8k and Spiders, 36k and Djinn...)

Added 6:58am 4/21:
Congratulations to Mike, Jacob and everyone at Iron Wind Metals - the Ral Partha Chaos Wars Wave 2 successfully funded in a little over 8 hours. That's great news for the series and for us who want to keep seeing Ral Partha minis come back!

Now I'm hoping for another 6k in pledges to unlock those Djinn that I discovered I really want...


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  2. Oh this is awesome, I missed the first one. Guess the landscaping gets moved out to next year! I could really spend some serious money on this.

  3. @chris - agreed! I ran into that last year. This year, I've got in with a smaller footprint and waiting to see what unlocks or is offered during the campaign.

  4. I've been waiting for this! The first one was quite good -- this one promises to leave a serious dent in my bank account!


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