Staying busy during these times

The world is crazy right now. COVID, civil injustice and the unrest that follows.

My work has kept me busy, and there've been some household changes with the grandkids going back to their parents for the summer. That impacted the gaming routine.

I did have two successful seminars at the recent Con of Champions for Tabletop Events, as well as running my Heist game and Delve the Deeps game. Both were interesting and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

More recently, I've taken to streaming my podcast recordings! I try to do that every two weeks and the next session is this Thursday at 7pm. I'm going to finish up talking about Unearthed Arcana's classes and get into some miscellanea before getting to spells! You can join me here:

I've also found myself in a very fun self-improvement project - learning Python by recreating the very first dungeon crawler I ever played. Did you know that there is a graphical/top-down dungeon crawler that predates unix's rouge?

Yep, the program DUNGEON from Cursor Magazine (issue #15) for the Commodore PET. I played this game in 1979 or 1980 and I was hooked.

Right now, the game is very basic, but I'm getting there! You can follow along to some degree on this r/commodore thread on reddit, or see the code as I update it on my github repository here:


My version is on the left - a completed game of DUNGEON from a PET emulator on the right.

Funny coda, after 40 years, I finally finished the game and won! I collected all the gold. I guess knowing the source and how the game works was a huge help. That's something my 13 year old self would have liked to have known... damn wyverns!

I hope that you all are well, safe and hanging in there.


  1. Very nice work! I'm doing a midcareer change ATM to coding and learning lots of stuff. One of the project I have on my plate is an hex generator for hexcrawls. Thanks for sharing your code also! I'll look at it for learning purposes.


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