Podcast Episode 34 - Demystifying AD&D - Pursuit and Evasion

A recent question on the AD&D subreddit (/r/adnd) serves as the topic for this episode - regarding the rules around pursuit and evasion in both the dungeon and wilderness.  This is also my first ever streamed recording session! I had two supporters ask some great questions after the recording.

Anchor Episode link: https://anchor.fm/thedungeonmastershandbook/episodes/Episode-34---Demystifying-ADD---Pursuit-and-Evasion-echs6l

Stream recording -

(YouTube video link: https://youtu.be/YrzWX6l2atI )

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Intro music: Dragonaut by Bradley The Buyer (bit.ly/2ASpAlF)
Outro music: Dream by Wild Shores (bit.ly/2jbJehK)
All music used with permission.


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