Hey Chgowiz? Why so quiet? Moving!

It's summertime! And with the coming of the warm weather (90 degrees already in Chicago? WTF? I thought climate change was a hoax?!?) comes another auspicious day... moving day.

Yep, after 13 years of living in Chez Shorten, I'm moving on up to the way-the-hell North side and into our dream home. It really is a dream home, with enough rooms to finally have guest bedrooms, a gorgeous formal dining room, lovely patio and finally... finally... a dedicated gaming space!

This Sunday marks the final game here at the small lovely English Tudor cottage, where I have to cram 8 people into a tiny dining room. Still, that room has seen almost 6 years of the Etinerra/Dark Ages campaign world - drama, success, mystery and death. I've had almost 75 people in my world since I began it, counting tabletop, online and convention games. That's pretty damn cool.

I am, however, !@#$!@# sick of boxes! Less than 2 weeks to go and our house is dominated by cardboard.

I can't complain, because of what waits for me in that dedicated gaming space. I will have an 8'x5' gaming table for wargames and tabletop games. I think I can seat up to 10 there. Book cases for all my materials and racks for the terrain and minis.

The only question is do I go for RenFair deco or late 70s wood paneling? (I hear thePrincessWife crying in anguish as I write this... *chuckle*)

Gamewise, I haven't done much, everything about the move has taken up my focus and energy. I am painting miniatures as stress relief - I've been given my first commission which is to paint some Ral Partha fae figures for the next Chaos Wars Kickstarter!

PS. Where are all of the old school gamers and DMs on Twitter? I've been doing on/off #osrtips but all I see are more NextGen gamers there.

PPS. The Battletech beta by HareBrained Studios.... ZOMG. I predict more stompy bot games in the future.

Back to packing...


  1. Congrats on the new pad Michael. Lmao at that game room pic. I love the wood paneling, space invaders, lp gaming room decor. D&D was meant to be played in a room like that. Other than swapping out some of the records, I wouldn't change a thing (including the rotary phone)!

  2. RenFair deco! Absolutely, no question!

    Congrats on what sounds like a great place!

  3. Will definitely miss the old place but looking forward to the new one.... Means when we are late we are not in the corner 😊 Angie will come down to chuckle at our predicaments, right?

  4. I followed you on Twitter today. Realized I hadn't yet followed you there....

  5. Congrats...and good luck. For me, personally, packing/moving is my least favorite thing in the world. Probably has something to do with my "can't-let-go-of-stuff" personality trait.

    I have always liked the 70's wood paneling, just BTW (though my wife would NEVER allow it in our home...).
    ; )

  6. Thanks everyone! 3 days and counting and it's been crazy so far! Can't wait for this to be over.


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