[WIP] Ral Partha Sea Elves

Some work-in-progress shots here, not the best pictures, but they'll give you an idea of the paint scheme and approach.

The Sea Elves do not have the luxury of the same metals that the races on land have. They make do with bone, bronze, shark/whale leather and fabrics from what is available under the seas and oceans. That's the story of the colors of off-white (bone), grey (leather), bronze and the bright blues and whites. The Elves themselves are a pale white with blonde or blue/black hair.

I'm going for a kind-of Greek look to their insignia on their shields. As well, their shields are works of art themselves, so where I can, the bosses will have a jeweled effect, and the decorations or designs will be gold.

These are still "troops" so I am not as careful and detailed as I might be with the commanders and individual figures. I can't wait to base them and see how they look together!

20160607_135819 20160610_195238 20160610_195250


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