Hey ChicagoWiz, how's those Pedion terrain tiles working out?

I frakkin' LOVE these Pedion terrain tiles. I got them from supporting a Kickstarter that I wasn't sure was going to make it, but it made it and then some. The unboxing earlier this year was a lot of fun, and I've used them for several wargames and Battletech/Mech battles since.


The beauty of this terrain is being able to set up just about any sort of scenario and terrain look that I want. From the classic Battletech map to setting up for the scenarios from One Hour Wargames, I have been able to use these tiles very easily.

They've held up just fine to use. No problems with the surfaces. The magnets work great for both attaching to each other and for attaching the trees to the terrain. The flock has held up just fine. No warping or degradation of the backs since I got them.

Soon, I'll have a follow-up order that includes 3 road tiles, 3 river tiles, another hill and another forest tile. That should give me enough to do a solid 3'x'3 or 4'x4' battlefield with lots of options.

While the Pedion website has closed to "preorders" from Kickstarter backers, George Panopoulos - the owner/creator of Pedion - has indicated in various comments that the store will convert to retail sales. I'm really looking forward to seeing where he goes in the future with this system. I know I'm a believer.