After game thoughts...

So I know I was semi-chastised elsewhere in the blogosphere for wanting to just concentrate on having fun and suspending "realism" in favor for "awesomeing up"...

... but when my players leave the table saying "Wow, we really accomplished something!" and "there's hope!" and "this was a great game", I'm left feeling like...


So yea... I double down on my take on how I've changed my AD&D campaign. Two thumbs up for getting rid of the grind and making a game work when all you can do is about every 4 to 6 weeks.

I've actually got more to say about gaming -- including how the underground mass combat thing is working (it was fun!) and possibly the game coming up where we'll be mixing 1:1 and skirmish level activities. That should be a crazy table.

In the meantime, if someone can suggest quick/dirty ways to create homemade palisades terrain for tabletop use, I'm all eyes/ears.

(Edited to add: That isn't to say that Tao doesn't hear that... but after those many games chasing down what I thought was going to be super-fun, but ended up super-grindy, I've found what works for me and my players.)


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