Dungeon 23 - Players Journals from Session 2 - Burning Beds and Getting into Trouble!

 Entry #2

Here I am again. Ur, standing in the doorway of the pool room, contemplating a swim. But before I could do anything, Loverboy and Bora and the Richman’s Mistake decided to investigate. And I found myself standing in the dark with an elf?

What!? Where did that one come from? And what happen to the other one, the silent one, the priest? Ur. Where’d this fey come from and why is no one concerned about it?

While I was standing there, figuring this elf out, the three tall-folk walked around the pool. It had black water reflected in the torch light. Their breaths showed like winter. They threw coins in the pool and talked about hearing voices.  I don’t know, maa, all I thought about was-- is this elf a boy or a girl? You know you can never tell.

Well, the Richman’s Mistake took his wine glass and filled it with the pool’s water and Loverboy took his coin back. Anti-climatic.

There was a door in the circular pool room so we tried it.  Went into another room with three doors and tried two of them and couldn’t open them because none of those doors had handles.  Richman’s Mistake wrote a mark on each door we tried. The elf stared at the wall without a door. That was all the excitement we had until Loverboy said he heard people talking behind the third door.  So, I took charge and knocked with the back of my axes and told them to “open the f@#k up” at the top of my lungs. They shut up. The door never opened up.

So we left.

We went back to the hall that connected to the pool room. I led from the back. I watched that elf. I couldn’t tell-- all elves walk like women.

Well, we came to a door and Loverboy and the elf dude-dudette pulled it open to find a room of shat.  Maa, I don’t know what it is with tall-folk, they like their filth; they decided to go in there.  So I led again from the back.

They opened a door to a dingy bedroom. I call it a bedroom because of a bed and... maa, all this is boring, so I’m just gonna tell you.  Some invisible folk stabbed Loverboy’s wine skin.  They whispered in the Richman’s Mistake’s ear. They tied his foot wear strings and caused him to fall.  He spilt all his pool water. So, he took his torch and lit up a bed. It filled the room with smoke. We left the smoke filled room. He tossed in an oil to set it ablaze.

I think Richman’s Mistake is an arsonist, maa. I think that was his crime. I mean he had this look like a kid kicked in the head by a mule-- a goofy grin-- and talked about people whispering to him. Weird.  Really, weaird.

In this next room we found ourselves in, there were footprints walked along the edge of the wall. None in the room’s middle. Bora had thrown a bed in the middle of the room-- before you ask, I don’t know why. There was another door and we couldn’t go back to the now a blazed room. But there was blood stains on each side of that door.  The elf dude-dudette poked his-or-her spear around by it in the corner.

Spears shot up and down from the floor and ceiling. Ha, a trap. Ur-great!

But that wasn’t the most interesting. What was that? It was somehow, sometime, the elf dropped its pants. And it was--

A boy!

I would have never guessed.

Well, back to the story.

Loverboy wanted to throw me. I said no. So, he got the bright idea to walk across the middle of the room to the door. He took two steps and--

The floor opened and he fell into a pit and maa...

Maa, my heart skipped a beat. For a moment I thought... I thought he was dead-- But then that loll-pop popped up.  He was laughing.

We pulled him out. And I gave him medical care. And... and, so what if I swallowed a tear. I told that lolli to “Be more careful!” He said, “I thought for a moment, then-- I didn’t think there’d be--” I said, “Stay back by me so you don’t have to think.”

Well, we went along the edge, hopped pass the spear trap and went through the opposite door. Found a hallway on the other side. It forked. By the fork was another door. We opened it.

The walls inside the room were carved faces, floor to ceiling one after another. Each in an opened mouth scream. Ah maa, this place is reading my mind!

Brog contemplates burning questions...