Podcasting again! Dungeon Master's Handbook - Episodes 40 and 41 are out now.

Jeez, I really am a complete newbie at this again, aren't I? I completely forgot that I had started podcasting again.

I have two episodes up right now, talking about restarting my tabletop AD&D game and the challenges/things I've run into.

No embeds - because apparently I've forgotten how to do that as well, but here are the links to the episodes:

Episode 40: Restarting my campaigns post-COVID -

Episode 41: The Game's Afoot! - 

Let me know what you think!


  1. Re: Social Interaction - have you taken a look at Burning Wheel's Duel of Wits?

    1. Hi! No, I haven't... don't own the game! Is there a free/open source version of it out?

    2. Unfortunately I don't believe so. I can't recommend Burning Wheel Gold enough though, even if you never play BW it is a great read and has some systems/tools that translate everywhere. Plus owning Burning Wheel seems to be some kind of 'rite of passage' for rpg gamers. :)

    3. Well, guess I have to turn my RPG Gamer card back in! đŸ˜†


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