Where've I been? Busy and a lack of creativity!

So here I was, trucking along in July/August with my podcast and 3 Hexes series and then...


I hit the mother of all creative ruts.

Then I looked at my oh-so-tempting miniatures backlog, crying out to be painted (there's more than this in my backlog ... )

And you can see where this was going...

So what happened to the podcast?

Well, I found that I wasn't getting the return on the podcast for what I putting into it. I had some great listeners, but it wasn't taking off like I had hoped. The cost of paying Soundcast to keep the podcasts up is pretty prohibitive for a hobby/niche, so I'm about to drop that and thus will lose many of those recordings till I move them to archive.org or something like that. 

So what happened to the Three Hexes?

Well, I hit a huge dry spell. Nothing was motivating me, nothing was sparking an interest in making more campaign starters. It's not like there isn't anything out there, but I just hit a huge block and it's still there. The miniatures painting is really a distraction, and I have a fairly busy workplace happening right now, so that contributes as well.

I really, sincerely appreciate the notes of thanks and support I've gotten for both projects over the past few weeks. I'm really grateful for that. I know I'm not one of the Big OSR Luminaries anymore (or is that just another way of saying I'm not a loudmouth anymore? LOL) but it is nice to hear that my ideas have helped folks enjoy their game. Thank you.

So... that's what's going on. I've got another blog post coming about a painting technique, and we'll see if I blog more this year. I've got less than 100 miniatures left in my backlog, plus terrain, plus a lot of wargaming ideas... soooo.... we'll see!

Game on!


  1. I was wondering where you'd gotten too! Everything has a season, as the season goes. I've been in a similar creative rut since June, so I can I understand. I'll miss your podcast and 3 Hexes blogs, but look forward to anything else you put out in the future! Keep on gaming on!

    1. Thanks! I may throw up more 3 Hexes, when I get a few more (97) minis done :)


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