WIP - Korg, Orc King miniature

I am heading into Autumn and Winter in another push to complete some Ral Partha figures for Chaos Wars units and games. I also have some fantastic Horror Monsters that Jeff Rients wrote about a couple of months ago to complete - my AD&D players will love them!

The figure here is Korg, the Orc King (Ral Partha #03-047). He's a brute! I got him from an Ebay auction, and he had a bit of damage to the back on the fur cloak - the ridges were flattened a bit. I left them there for personality - scars tell the story of a figure.


The runes on the sword were fun and challenging - they are tiny little indents into the surface of the sword. I drybrushed the two coats of silver: a dark silver, then a medium brightness. I grabbed my set of Testor Acrylic Neon colors. I applied the Neon Red first straight to the inset runes - watered down some to allow it to flow and get good into all the edges and ridges. Two coats.

I then watered the red further into a glaze and applied it around the runes to give a glow/bleed effect. Not too much. Finally, I added some cold white and red and applied that to the corners and intersections of the runes, to add brightness. The pictures don't show it as well as I hoped, but it's visible to the naked eye.

The fur cloak - I applied thinned black, thinned dark brown and thinned medium brown as the base coat in a pattern that mimic'd what you might see on a wolf pelt. I then dry brushed medium gray, light gray and warm white to the fur. Heavy on the gray, not as heavy on light gray, very light on the warm white, just at the tips and areas to call out.

The rest of the model was done in 3 color Dallimore/Foundry method - shade/highlight/highlight. I did put a medium brown glaze on the skin to bring down the highlight and get a nice blend effect. I learned that trick at GenCon this year and it works very well!

Now he's off to get varnished and then based! You might see him at my next Chaos Wars game at GameHoleCon or GaryCon.