Chgowiz goes to GameHoleCon - Attempt #2

GameHoleCon is a very popular regional gaming convention held in November in Madison Wisconsin. I wanted to go a couple of years ago, but work and timing wouldn't let me take the vacation. This year, though, I have two games scheduled! A war game and an RPG game, both in my Etinerra campaign world.

Heroes vs. The Damned

Starting At : Saturday - 8:00 PM
Ending At : Sunday - 12:00 AM
Number of Players : 8
Table Assignment : Hall A - 54

The halfling city of Cheddon is filled with screams of terror as the Damned, non-undead zombies, fill the streets! What will YOU do? Head to the port and sail away? Gather a militia and fight back? Look for the source of the attack? Come play in a unique campaign world and make your mark in history! Pregens provided for this game.

Break the Siege!
Presented by Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha featuring Michael Shorten

Starting At : Sunday - 10:00 AM
Ending At : Sunday - 2:00 PM
Number of Players : 6
Table Assignment : Hall A - 80

A desperate band of Human soldiers has held out from an Orcish siege of Upland Hold, but now they need to escape. Can they get past the siege or will they be cut down to the last soldier? Take control of troops, artillery, fantastic creatures, dour leaders and crafty mages!

If you're coming, I hope you'll stop by and say "Hi!"


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