The Miniatures Pledge - June 2016

My pledge for the year is to paint everything in my backlog, which at the beginning of January was at 415 figures. I will limit my miniatures buying to any of the new Ral Partha figures coming from the Chaos Wars Wave 2 Kickstarter, and any needed figures to support specific things in my campaigns.

I started May with 276 figures in the pile.

I painted 22 figures - all 25mm.

1- Catapult (Ral Partha)
12 - 25mm Elven Pikemen (Ral Partha)
3 - 25mm Elven Archers (Ral Partha)
6 - 25mm AD&D Thieves Set (Grenadier)

And "no purchases"! FIVE months in a row and counting!

I ended the month with 254 figures in the pile. For the year, I have a net of +161 figures.

My weekends were busy and between work and illness, I wasn't able to keep up with a "figure a day" rate. The Elves don't paint up quite as quickly as the Chaos Warriors did.

The good news is that I'm vastly improving on how to do faces using the Dallimore method. This page is an approximate example: I'm feeling brave enough to start trying some eyes in July.