DIY Terrain - Palisades - WIP

It's getting close to the time when my players are going to assault the orc fort, so I'm constructing the terrain to give them the 1:1/mass combat scenario.

So if I want to give them a fort that has a palisade that looks like this:

I'm creating this:

To make them, I'm using sushi mats, cut down for 25/28mm scale. Each mat gives me two sections of palisade, about 9 inches long. I can't remember where I saw this suggestion, maybe The Miniatures Page or Google+ or the Chicago Skirmish Group. It was a great idea though.

The blue stuff is poster/picture tack, it's sticky and holds things, but you can easily pull them off. The black paint sticks are what I hold groups of minis on to prime them. It seemed like a great way to keep the palisades straight and level.

To finish them, I'll add dirt/grass/rocks to the bases and use the "brush dip" method for staining the palisade. The nice thing about putting them on small bases like this is that I can reconfigure the palisade to a curved or straight configuration. As long as people aren't slamming the table, they should stand up during play, if not, I can change the direction of the base and reglue them. It's just Tacky white glue.


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